FY15 Customer Satisfaction Results award

86.6% Overall Customer Satisfaction!

Thank you to everyone who responded to our FY15 Customer Satisfaction Survey.  We had a strong response with over 70 participants.  Totaling the results, your DEVAR Service Desk scored an 86.6% Overall Satisfaction Rating.  Below are some comments directly from you, our customer.  

Positive Feedback:

  • "The responsiveness is good. Continue"
  • "Your staff is very friendly and professional!  I appreciate all of the combined quality service and knowledge.  I appreciated the email service, as I could respond to the email have an easy time communicating my needs."
  • "Please continue to notify us when issues are widespread and also it is great to have that follow up email after communicating with the devar help desk folks."
  • "I always get the answers I need when calling the help desk.  Keep up the good work."

Service we can improve:

We take your feedback very seriously and will work to continue to strive to improve our service. Assessing all of your wonderful feedback, we have analyzed and categorized them into the 3 areas below:  

  • Consistency with communicating to the customer.  We can improve our service by ensuring you as the customer receive an initial status letting you know that your request was received and keeping you informed throughout the life of the ticket.
  • Knowledge between all help desk representatives.  As we continue to improve and expand Advancement Service Services, the DEVAR Help Desk has a greater opportinuity to remain up-to-date on the systems we support.  We will continue to groom our employees to ensure you as our customer are getting accurate information.   
  • Improve clarity for the hand-off between DEVAR Help Desk and the IT Express Service Desk.  The DEVAR Help Desk has been trained and has officially transitioned the common ticketing system called Service Now as of December 2015.   We feel with this tranistion, communication to you, our end user, will be better communicated and fully transparent.  You are now able to track progress on all of your tickets by clicking here and using your CAS log in credentials to access the Service Hub. 

Thank you very much for your feedback.  We are excited to have our first survey completed and look forward to assisting you with your future needs. 


DEVAR Help Desk

(530) 754-1106

Email: devarhelpdesk@ucdavis.edu 

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