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Below are various documents relating to editing information in Advance Web, as well as other documents for Advancement Services and DEVAR. You can use key words and the search box to narrow down your search, or click on either name or description to sort alphabetically.

Security and Use StatementThis is the form to gain access to Advance and the DOT, as well as acknowledging you've watched the training videos.
Adding Employment InformationSteps to add employer information to an entity.
Adding an eContactHow to add a social media link or web page for entities.
Add a New E-Mail to an EntityHow to add a new email to an entity.
Add a New Telephone NumberHow to add a new phone number to an entity.
Adding a Business AddressHow to add a business address to an entity - note, this may be different than an employer's address.
Change an Active Address to InactiveInstructions to change an active address to inactive on an entity record.
Set an Active Email to InactiveHow to change an active email on an entity to inactive.
Change an Active Number to InactiveShows how to change an active phone number on an entity to inactive.
Change an Inactive Address to ActiveShows how to change an inactive address to active.
Change an Inactive Email to ActiveShows how to change an inactive email back to active.
Change an Inactive Telephone Number to ActiveSteps how to change an inactive phone number back to active.
How to Create a New Entity in AdvanceSteps to accurately create new entities in Advance
Changing Contact Info to Inactive PosterThis is a quick view poster users can keep at their desks for changing active addresses, email, or phone numbers to inactive
Special Handling CodesContains a description of all the active special handling codes in Advance
How to Find Leadership Giving Society Gift ClubsContains Instructions on Accessing the Leadership Giving Clubs in Advance Web
Clipboards- How to save a new ClipboardClipboards- How to save a new Clipboard
Clipboards- How to Delete a Clipboard
Clipboards-Enhancement Process
How To Update a Preferred Class Year in Advance Web
Admission Load Pull Instructions
How to Add a New Address in AdvanceBio Maintenance: How to add a new address.
How to Change an Active Telephone to Inactive in AdvanceBio Maintenance: Change an Active Telephone to Inactive