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Frequently Asked Questions about Reeher

How do I obtain access to Reeher?

For Reeher access, please schedule a 1:1 training session by contacting

Who do I contact for assistance?

Reeher Support TeamEmail questions & issues to and cc: the

What criteria does Reeher use for their modeling?
 Click the PDF icon.  This is a password protected document.
Where in Reeher can I find help?

Reeher iHelp There is an "iHelp" for each Viewport and screen. This includes definition of terms and a description of the Viewport.

How Do I Find Proposal Stage in Reeher?
What types of gifts and activity are included in the “Major Giving” Layer?

The Major Giving Layer reflects gifts of all amounts, for all allocations and appeals. (Note: In the Reeher Platform, “Major Giving” does not refer specifically to gifts over $25K.)

What types of gifts and activity are included in the “Annual Fund” Layer?

The Annual Fund Layer reflects information specific to Central Annual and Special Giving Program, based on Central Annual and Special Giving Program allocations and appeals.

What types of gifts and activity are included in the “Advancement” Layer?

The Advancement Layer combines information from the Annual Fund Layer and Major Giving Layer.

Now that we are using the Reeher Platform, what system should I be using to measure my metrics?

Development Officers should use Advance Web DO Metrics for their official metrics. Reeher is to be used as an additional resource.

What is the methodology for counting Donors vs. Dollars in Reeher?

Donor count is based on the number of donors that are credited for a gift (soft credit).
Dollar count is based on the legal giving of the donors (hard credit).

I see that some Reeher dashboards mention “Peer Groups” – what are these?

UC Davis does not currently use the Peer Group option in Reeher.

How do the Targeter filters work – are they inclusive or exclusive of each other?

When using one query filter, the query will use ‘OR’. For example, if both ‘Alumni’ and ‘Employee’ are selected in the relationship type filter, then the query returns everyone who is either Alumni OR Employee.

Reeher 'Or'

When using two or more query filters, the query will use ‘AND’. For example, if you select ‘Alumni’ in primary relationship filter, and ‘Employee’ in the relationship type query, then the two queries return everyone who is an Alumni as primary relationship type AND also is an Employee under (secondary) relationship type.

Reeher And
How do I create and subscribe to a query in Reeher?
When creating queries in Targeter, what filters and columns should I always include?

Relationship Status Filter - Similar to Advance Web and Michelangelo, deceased entities are included in the Reeher data. Please always select the relationship status filter when you create a Targeter query and choose the desired status types for your report

Reeher Screenshot

Contact & Solicitation Restriction Exclusions Column – To be mindful of our special handling codes (such as Do Not Contact) on entity records, be sure to always include “Contact & Solicitation Restriction Exclusions” as a default column. This column will list special handling information.

Reeher Screenshot
What is the difference between the radius/map function in Reeher vs. Michelangelo?

Michelangelo radius considers Home, Business, Additional Home and Seasonal Address. Reeher Targeter radius considers Home and Business Addresses.

Is the data in Reeher live (same day) or prior day (day old)?

The data is day old. We send data to Reeher at the end of each day.

How do I format and import a spreadsheet into Reeher in order to add columns?

Instructions can be found under the iHelp section Platform Features\ Control Panel\ Manage Push Reporting\ Report Archive\Add List.

In Targeter, can I select an emailed report on one device (such as my iPad) and then open the report via email on a different device (such as my PC)?

No, you will need to use the same device and browser to select a report to be emailed to you, and to open the report via the link sent to your email. This is for data security purposes.

How long do subscription and report results stay in the Report Archive area of Reeher?

These reports are saved within the Reeher Platform for 30 days after they’ve been created. The action column allows you to choose List Availability Extension, which extends the lists availability in the Platform for an additional 30 days.

What are the supported browsers for the Reeher Platform?

IE 9 or 10
Safari 3+

Which proposal statuses in Advance Web correspond to the proposal statuses in Reeher?

The following proposal statuses in Advance Web correspond to proposal statuses in Reeher:

Proposal Status Mapping

If I don't have access to the Annual Fund Layer in Reeher, can I still see data associated with Central Annual and Special Giving Program allocations and appeals?
Yes, you can find the data associated with Central Annual and Special Giving Program allocations and appeals by using the Targeter queries in Reeher.
What is the highest EVI score possible in Reeher?
99 is the highest EVI score in Reeher.
I am unable to pull any data via the Net Worth filter in Targeter - does this filter work?
At this time, we do not have Net Worth data in Targeter.  We may have this information at a later date.
What is considered a “Measured” Contact (aka Activity) in Reeher?

A contact report is considered "measured" if any of the following is true:

1) Contact Type = Face to Face Visit, AND Contact Purpose = ANY
2) Contact Type = Phone OR Correspd/Email, AND Contact Purpose = Ask Made (Major)
3) Contact Initiated By = FCG Substantive

Can I upload to append a file with 25,000 columns?

Reeher uploads the data to a database with a size limit of 64kb. This applies to the number of columns and length of the column names. We do not have an exact number of columns because there are several variables that exist (such as content included in data set or amount of content). It is a good rule of thumb to limit the number of columns to 300 at a maximum when adding lists through this functionality.

Is “Attempt to Contact” considered a contact when counting the number of my contacts on the platform?

Yes, it is. Below is how AIS contact types are mapped to contact types in Reeher.