The Top Reports in Advance Web

PF-001 Basic Profile Report

Basic entity profile report. This report provides a comprehensive summary information on the selected entity.  The user has a choice of which data to display in output.   Certain sections of the report can be exported.

DO Metrics

This report contains a Development Officer Metrics Overview. This report helps development officers track progress toward metrics. Data is from the Prospect Management and Tracking System, contact reports and approved solicitations. The report is designed to provide data for the current fiscal year only. Prior year's data can be found on the FY 2013 Snapshot. Data is refreshed nightly which means data entered today will not show up on the report until tomorrow. Blue hyperlink numbers allow for drill down into additional details of the report. Report can be exported into excel.

ST-001 Stewardship Report

Stewardship Report for UC Davis Endowment Allocations.

CE-001 Event Registrant List

This report is often used for Events as it gives you the Donor ID, Activity Code, Activity Group, Participation Code, and Fee Status by alpha sorting the entities.

Weekly Gift Reports
These weekly reports are provided by Advancement Services - however are retrievable any day of the week. Instructions provided