Advance - The Database of Record

Advance - The Database of Record 

Advancement Services maintains the integrity of the database for all DEVAR gift and donor data.    

If your role requires you to access the Advance Database, please register for an Advancement Services Onboarding session.  Your session with us will include initial training, and more about our services.

Once you have been working with the tool, you may find you need a bit more assistance:

View or Print these Tips & Tricks:  
Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF) - to reduce your use of the mouse, and provide efficiency
Comparison Operators (PDF) - a guide to enhance your searching tool
Requesting a new Entity (PDF) - a guide to Requesting a new entity in Advance 2019
Updating an Entity in Advance 2019 (PDF) - a guide to updating and modifying information on a current entity
How to Export (PDF) - a guide to ensure you export your information correctly

Video Training: 
Advance Clipboard (Video) - use this feature to save time and work more efficiently

Please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager, and/or attend one of our Open Labs for additional assistance with Advance Database or any of the DEVAR systems