Systems Access Policy

Initial Access to DEVAR Systems

DEVAR has many different systems that we provide access to including Michelangelo Pro, Advance 2019, Power BI, and DocuSign. Each of these has its own access policy but all start with the same step, filling out the DEVAR Intranet and Advance Access form. From there most systems require additional training to gain access to and use properly, some systems have different levels of access that require different levels of training. To schedule any training indicated as a One-on-One, please email the DEVAR help desk with your need and we will be happy to provide that training to you. Those systems not listed below but on the DEVAR Intranet and Advance Access form have no access policy and only need to be requested. See below for a list of access requirements and a list of links to all trainings.

Initial Access Requirements
  • GREAT (Gift Reports, Entry, and Tracking):
    • Inquiry: GREAT Inquiry LMS Training
    • Creator: GREAT Inquiry LMS training, Credit Card Handling LMS Training, Cash Handling LMS Training, and a One-on-One training
    • Submitter: GREAT Inquiry LMS training, Credit Card Handling LMS Training, Cash Handling LMS Training, a signed Delegation of Authority form, and a One-on-One training
  • Advance 2019:
    • Inquiry: Advance 2019 Inquiry LMS training
    • Maintenance: Advance 2019 Inquiry LMS training and to watch the Advance 2019 Maintenance training videos here.
  • PMATS information:
  • Power BI:
    • Attend Power BI Monthly training
    • Please note: Though there is no space for this on the Advance access form, almost every user will interact with this program in some form or another. It is highly recommended that all new users attend this training.
  • DO Metrics:
    • Attend Power BI training held monthly
  • Anthology (Imodules):
    • One-on-One training
  • Michelangelo Pro
    • Attend Michelangelo Pro Monthly training
  • Give Site:
    • Notify Only: Request access, please be sure to include what you want to be notified about in your request. DEVAR help desk and your supervisor can help you determine what you will need if you do not know.
    • Editor: One-on-One training
Access Removal Policy

Some DEVAR systems are heavily monitored due to the type of information that is available to you in these systems. To retain access to these systems you must log in at least once in the specified time frame. To regain access you must reattend the training if there is any and email the DEVAR Help Desk. For any systems without a training you must email DEVAR Help Desk. All days are tracked in calendar days not work days.

  • GREAT: 90 Days
  • Advance 2019: 90 days
    • Losing access to advance also removes PMATs access
  • Power BI: 180 Days
  • DO Metrics: 180 Days
    • Logging in to ANY Power BI app and running a query will satisfy this requirement
  • Anthology (Imodules): 90 Days
  • Michelangelo Pro: 90 Days
Links to Trainings