Event Date

ARC Ballroom

We are excited to announce our second annual GREAT Submitter Symposium! Our theme this year focuses on diamonds. Just like a diamond, a gift should be clear and precise according to our donor's wishes. We as GREAT users can act as diamond miners, using all of the tools in our tool belt (i.e. the DEVAR help desk, user guides, Business Relationship Managers, redaction pens, etc) to ensure our gifts are recorded accurately.

Similar to last year's symposium, this event will cover a wide variety of topics for using GREAT, including:

  • How to create and submit gifts in GREAT
  • The life cycle of a gift once it is received by Advancement Services
  • Gift processing best practices

And much more!

This year, we will also be featuring an expert panel of users that will be available to help answer any and all gift and stewardship related questions you may have!

We want our users to have the smoothest experience possible when using GREAT and would like to take this opportunity to share best practices for using the system. Please note, attendance to this event is required to maintain your Submitter rights in GREAT. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.