Michelangelo Pro

Michelangelo Pro

Michelangelo Pro is an interface to access our Advance database - providing you with the data you need in an easy-to-use format. Check out the resources below, and if you haven't yet - we encourage you to join one of our training sessions. 

Learning Resources: 

Michelangelo Pro Quick Tips (PDF)  - Step-by-step instructions to get you started in Michelangelo Pro
Householding Demonstration (Video) - Learn how to household your Michelangelo Pro output in Excel
Address Hierarchy (PDF) - The hierarchy for the Valid Address filter in Michelangelo Pro
Map Filter Demonstration (Video) - Learn how to use the Map filter in Michelangelo Pro
Gift Reporting (PDF) - Learn how to create Gift Reports using Michelangelo Pro


Transitioning from Blackbaud (Reeher) to Michelangelo Pro

We’ve compiled a series of tips sheets to show you how to perform some of the most commonly-used Blackbaud (Reeher) functions that are available in Michelangelo Pro. Click on the links below to access individual tip sheets or here to access them all at once in Box.