Advancement Services Ambassadors – How to Win over Customers and Influence People

When we rolled out our centralized gift processing system and process in 2016, we successfully implemented a new-to-us customer service model as well that hinged on a new role -- the Business Relationship Manager (BRM).   Our BRMs are much more than business systems analysts. They are business-to-technology interpreters, relationship builders, customer advocates, diplomats, and Scrum product owners. In other words, they are Advancement Services Ambassadors.

Join us as we talk about the BRM role, why we went with this model, and the joys and sorrows we experience(d) along the way. We will also provide tips on how you, too, can cultivate a team of Advancement Ambassadors, regardless of the size of your institution.

Centralized Gift Processing at UC Davis: Our Journey to GREATness

Until two years ago, all private donations to UC Davis were processed in a decentralized environment, a proven donor-centric mode of raising funds, but when it comes to processing them? Not so much. Seeking to change this, we investigated off-the-shelf solutions from vendors, but they either proved prohibitively expensive or did not match our needs. Instead, we decided to build our own solution -- a daunting task, but also an exciting opportunity. In 2016 we launched our centralized gift processing system: the Gift Reporting, Entry, And Tracking web application and electronic cashier system -- or GREAT, for short.  What used to be a tangled mess of paperwork and non-standardized processes is now a streamlined, transparent and PCI-compliant centralized gift processing system that reliably ensures donor intent and facilitates quick and easy fund dispersal into intended campus accounts.  Join me as I share how we navigated this GREAT journey -- one that brought us from gift processing ground zero to CASE Grand Gold/Platinum.

Collaborative Advancement Services Goal Setting: Managing Competing and Changing Priorities

Feeling oversubscribed, overworked, overprojected? Does it seem like you can’t finish projects because something suddenly becomes more important? Do you have stakeholders that can’t tell what your team is even DOING all day? In this session, we will explore how UC Davis Advancement Services projects get chosen each fiscal year, and how this process provides both transparency and accountability to organizational stakeholders at all levels. We will also discuss how we address the inevitable mid-year MOST IMPORTANT PROJECT EVER that comes out of left field. You will leave this session with practical tools to practice this at your own institution.